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Depression Doubles Dementia Risk  in Diabetic Patients

Deborah Brauser
MedScape Today News

Depression coupled with diabetes has been linked to a significantly increased risk of developing dementia compared with diabetes alone. 

A large study of more than 19,000 adults with type 2 diabetes showed that those with comorbid depression had a 2-fold higher risk of developing dementia over 5 years compared with their counterparts who did not experience depression.

In addition, younger participants with depression also had a significantly higher risk for dementia compared with patients who were older, whereas those who took insulin had a significantly lower risk compared with those were not on insulin.

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Did you know?

In the next 20 years the number of elderly drivers (persons 70 & over) is predicted to triple in the United States. As age increases, older drivers 
generally become more conservative on the road. Many mature drivers modify their driving habits 
(for instance to avoid busy highways or night-time driving) to match their declining capabilities.  

However, statistics show that older drivers are more likely than younger ones to be involved in multi-vehicle crashes, particularly at intersections. 
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