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For Community Agencies


 • Elder Community Care improves mental health and quality of life of older adults by bringing
   together an integrated network of community agencies, multi-disciplinary professionals, and

 • ECC supports the dignity and independence of older adults through strong collaborations
   and creative engagement with older adults, their families, and communities of choice.


 • Person-Centered Care

 • Older Adult Independence and Empowerment

 • Quality Services through Process Improvement

 • Evidence-Based Practice Modeling

 • Consistently Improved Access to Care


 • ECC is a multi-agency community outreach program serving older adults who lack access 
   to mental health care due to cost and reimbursement barriers, stigma, transportation, and 
   other impediments to care.

 • BayPath Elder Services is the entry point into a coordinated network of agencies and 
   services for home-bound older adult consumers. 

 • ECC offers in-home depression screening, mobile assessment, counseling, 
   Advocates’24-hour crisis team, referrals to community resources, psychopharmacology, 
   and TeleCheck.

For Community Agencies

Did you know?

Recent studies indicated that between 1.1 and 2.3 million elderly citizens use alcohol to alleviate grief and loneliness. 

From Alcohol Abuse and the Elderly: The Hidden Population by Bill Urell

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