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Elder Community Care's team of 
trained social workers & mental
health clinicians can help you and your loved ones.

What We Do

Elder Community Care is a network of agencies working together to serve elders in their own homes. We provide comprehensive assessment and counseling services to elders and their families in Metrowest. We provide comprehensive assessment, counseling and referral services.

Warning signs that could indicate a need to make a referral to ECC:

  • Significant changes 
        in personal appearance

  • Significant changes in
           the conditions of the home

  • Changes in emotional state

  • Complains of not eating or 
        difficulty sleeping ​

  • Unusual 

  • Seeing, hearing, tasting,
        or smelling things that 
        are not there

  • False irrational beliefs
  • Alcohol or drug abuse

  • Changes in mental state
  • Confusion, disorientation

  • Forgetfulness that affects
        quality of life​

  • Inappropriate responses
  • Increased nervousness
        or fidgeting

  • Recent losses

  • Appears sad or blue​

Did you know?

Older smokers are less likely than younger smokers to attempt quitting, but they are more likely to be
 successful in the attempts that they do make to quit.

From: Cigarette smoking among the elderly: disease consequences and the benefits of cessation.
 Burns DM. Am J Health Promot. 2000 Jul-Aug;14(6):357-61, University of California, San Diego, School of Medicine 92108, USA.

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